Technically, this is a picture from the famous Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington DC. The trees are really amazing with whole area seeming like a tent of pure white but with so many people in every inch of DC I took it to be more of a portraiture opportunity. Me along with a friend, Kyungjin, did a small street portraiture session and will be putting up results soon.
It seems my photographic inclination is again undergoing a swing in favor of pure portraiture. "Pure" here doesn't at all mean the classic portraiture where a person is seated in a somewhat classical pose but that people know they are being photographed and this adds another dimension in photography- the interaction between me and my subjects. This interaction I think is one of the toughest aspects of photographing people. There is always a chance of offending someone and you have to be resilient to people saying no. I am working on it and hope this exercise will add positively to my photographic journey.
PS: Inspiration for this project comes from Chase Jarvis and Clay Enos, both amazing photographers who are full of energy, perhaps the trait that makes me emulate them! :)